Our Dogs


Rhyme came from Thompson's Border Collies in Virginia. His pedigree boasts strong working lines. Rhyme was one of six puppies born to Emmy and we met him when he was only 4 weeks old. At 7 1/2 weeks, Karen Thompson let us bring him home. Rhyme is also Maureen's first puppy to train.


Simmer came from Rival Kennels in Canada. At 8 weeks old, she hopped a plane to Philadelphia. Simmer was picked because she was the “Pistol” of the litter. It didn’t take long for her to tell our other dogs who the boss would be. We would soon learn that this cute little red dog would give her ALL in everything from ball to agility.In August of 2007, Dan and Maureen married...


Kylie is Dan's newest pup to train. She was born in Connecticut and is from Eyespy Border Collies. Kylie's mom is Hattie, a well-bred sheep dog who we have watched from afar for a couple of years. When the timing was right, we knew we wanted a Hattie puppy and called Anne Devine!


Since we love Kylie so much, we decided to add another dog from Anne Devine and Eyespy Kennels to our pack. Maureen thought she was getting a girl, but Steel (the only boy in the litter) continued to catch her eye...