ADCH NATCH4 RedOak’s Bit of Beauty “Isis”

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Isis was a rescue who luckily landed in Nancy Vanderslice’s home. Maureen adopted Isis in February 2001. After a little research, Maureen was able to trace Isis’ pedigree to a local breeder near Allentown, PA. Already an agility instructor, Maureen introduced Isis to the sport and the drive to play kicked in.Although Isis’ training was a challenge, sticking to criteria eventually paid off. Maureen and Isis are now a team who always contend for the win. Isis is the source of information Maureen now instills in her students….criteria, criteria, criteria!!

Isis’ NATCH was unexpectedly earned in November, 2006. Isis earned her ADCH by placing 4th in Snookers, by .31 seconds to earn her 3rd Super Q. But there was a bigger quest in mind. And in January 2009, Isis earned her Triple Superior Versatility under judge Kelvin Gray!