ADCH NATCH5 TC’s Red October “Boomer” (2000-2014)


Our journey began together in the Summer of 2000. You were just a little ball of fur that would forever change my world.

We were inseparable you and I. Everyday you went to work with me. We would take walks along the tow path. You would go out to eat with me and wait patently in the car or hang out with me on an outdoor patio. Everywhere we went, people always wanted to meet you and you were always happy to oblige them.

When you were about one year old we found agility, and boy was our world changed again. It always seemed like you would learn the skill being taught, and then wait for me to learn how to cue that skill. Because of you, we excelled in the sport. We met your future mom, brother and sister through agility. Those were some fun days. The five of us cramming into that Chevy Blazer, you and Cork would ride on the back seat with Isis lying on the floor behind the passenger seat.

We went through some ups and downs over the years. We had to say goodbye to your brother Cork, but you and Isis flourished in agility. You earned multiple agility Championship titles in 2 different venues. In 2008, we had your cancer scare. However true to your personality, you never missed a beat through your surgery and treatments. Multiple chauffeurs volunteered to take you to your daily treatments to ensure you would beat this disease, which you did.

In your later years of competing, I always loved handing your leash off to other handlers, usually to those that didn’t have the experience of running a “fast Border Collie”. What fun it was for me to watch you tear around a tunnelers course with an inexperienced handler lagging behind. We could always tell when they were late with their cues from your bark.

When you retired from agility, you became a therapy dog. You were given permission to go to school with your mom. You formed a bond with many of the Girard students. You allowed them to learn that not all dogs are to be feared. You gave them a positive experience that many will cherish throughout their lives.

With these fond memories of you filling the hole in my heart, I say Good-Bye to you; my friend, my companion. You will forever be a part of my life.

Much Loved and Missed by Dan, Maureen, Isis, Simmer, Rhyme and Kylie


Once in a lifetime,
you find someone who
touches not only your heart, but also your soul.
Once in a lifetime
you discover someone
who stands beside you,
not over you.

You find someone who loves you for who your are,
not what you could be.
Once in a life time,
if you are lucky, you find someone…..
as I found you.

Author: Unknown