Kamrin Cierpiszewski

Kamrin started training agility in 2010 to build confidence and strengthen her relationship with her fearful, epileptic border collie, Katy.  Kamrin and Katy competed and titled in NADAC where Katy is close to her NATCH.  At almost 8yrs old, Katy is semi-retired from agility after finding her true passion in K9 Nosework where she has earned the NW3 title.  Currently, Kamrin is actively competing with her younger border collie, Scout, and you will often find them at local USDAA, AKC and CPE trials.  Agility is his passion and Scout continues to challenge Kamrin to maintain consistent criteria and stay connected on and off course.  Kamrin’s youngest border collie in training, Kenzie, is another high drive bundle of energy who is benefiting from all the latest training techniques and all of the lessons learned over the years in rewards based training, impulse control and focus work.

Kamrin began training at High Octane Agility in 2014, shortly after relocating to New Jersey.  In her free time, she enjoys hiking, hanging out with good friends and taking road trips with her border collies.