Dan Burke works full-time as an electronics engineer with Invent Worx in Delran, NJ.

As a founder and co-owner of High Octane, Dan brings 18 years of experience training dogs with him. He instructs all levels of agility, but his expertise is with teaching advanced and master levels. Dan has a special experience with teaching the skills of the USDAA game, Snooker.

Dan’s first dog was ADCH NATCH6 Boomer, a Border Collie with only one speed, FAST! Boomer taught Dan to be timely with his cues and to run quickly in the right direction.

Dan’s first dog to compete nationally was ADCH-B LAA-B Rival’s Ready to Run “Simmer” who is a lot of dog in a little package. Together, Dan and Simmer have earned numerous titles and Simmer was the number 3 -22″ dog in USDAA tournaments for the 2015 year! Dan and Simmer attended the 2013 & 2015 Cynosport World Games and in 2015 they made finals in both Steeplechase and Grand Prix! In Steeplechase, Simmer and Dan earned a 6th place finish.  Simmer is now retired and enjoys fitness, long walks, and playing ball in the yard.

Dan’s current competition dog is Eyespy’s Kylie Roo born in 2013. Kylie is athletic, quick, and a little bit bossy. Kylie and Dan have been using the OneMind Dogs system and are becoming a competitive team. Dan & Kylie made their National competition debut at the 2017 Cynosport World Games where a slight handler error caused a knocked bar keeping them from the final round.  In 2017 and 2018 they made the trek to Jacksonville, FL for the UKI US Open.  2017 was a learning experience on the wide open international style courses.  Returning in 2018 with a better understanding of the courses, they made the UKI Nationals Finals and the Speedstakes Finals.  Not wanting to out-due her sister in her first National finals, Kylie achieved a 6th place finish in the highly competitive 20″ Speedstakes class.

Dan takes lessons with Mary Ellen Barry, Jessica Ajoux, and Jen Pinder and he attends camps and seminars each year to continue furthering his education in the sport of agility. Dan is educated on both Linda Mecklenburg’s Awesome Paws Handling System and OneMind Dogs training program.

As an instructor, Dan has a gift of timing with his students. He can explain how or why a dog responded as they did to a late, or inconsistent cue. With Kylie, Dan is consistent with his own handling, which is the best example of all!

Dan also co-chairs High Octane’s USDAA and UKI trials. High Octane hosts four trials a year.

Dan is also available for lessons and seminars off site.