High Octane Agility

Where training and teamwork meet


Agile Kindergarten

This is the first step to building the teamwork between handler and dog.

Beginners Agility

Next, your dog learns to do the equipment safely.

Foundation Skills

It’s time for the handler to learn some fundamental handling skills.

Foundations Sequencing

Utilizing the learned foundation skills, the handler and dog continue working longer sequences of obstacles.

Foundations Handling

Using the OneMind Dogs handling system, handlers learn to guide their dogs through short complex courses.


This class helps the agility team to gain the skills needed to run full courses seen at local agility trials.

Canine Conditioning

Canine Conditioning for Agility is a specialty class offered by High Octane on a limited basis.  


     Where training and teamwork meet

Beginner 1

Beginner 1 is High Octane’s first level agility class. This class includes introduction to clicker training, hind end awareness, mat work, target training, impulse control, and tricks training.

Please note that agility obstacles are NOT introduced in this class.


Dogs must be potty trained
Dogs must be at least 6 months old
Basic obedience commands (Sit, Stay & Down)
Up to date on Distemper and Rabies vaccines
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