Registrations for the June/July 2022 session of our Monday, Wednesday and Thursday night classes will be opening on Monday at 8 PM.

The registration forms can be accessed from the links page on our website:

Students in Monday’s early and late classes are both advancing to the next level. Congratulations!!!  Below is a simple table that should help figure out what class you can register.

Current Class ==> June/July Class
Beginner 1 (Mondays @ 6:15p)  ==> Foundation Skills (Mondays @ 6:15pm)
Foundation Skills (Mondays @ 8:15pm) ==> Foundation Sequencing (Mondays @ 8:15)

All other classes and time slots remain the same.  So in a nut shell, if the time slot you are currently enrolled in works for you, sign up for the class in that time slot!!!

If you are not sure which class you should enroll, please contact your instructor directly.