We are gearing up to host our first USDAA trial since October 2019 this weekend.  Last October and earlier this month we hosted a 1 ring UKI trial.  Covid policy for those 2 trials were very strict with no indoor crating, no spectator chairs, counting people as the enter/exit the building, etc.  This trial we will be relaxing our policies slightly.  We will be allowing limited indoor crating and limited spectator chairs and we will not be counting the number of people in the building at any one time.

2 huge differences between this trial and any other trial we hosted in the past several years is that we have 10 RVs pre-registered to be parking at the trial site.  This should make for a fun socially distance pot luck dinner on Saturday night!!

The second difference is the number of runs entered for the weekend, especially Saturday.  On Saturday alone we have close to 460 runs with a total of 900+ for the weekend.  This is the first time in several years we will need to use a 2nd ring for our trials.  As we heard that more and more entries were being sent, we contacted our judge Mike Murphy to ask if he was okay “sharing” his runs and courses with another judge.  He said absolutely, so we contacted one of our favorite “localish” judges to see if we could convince her to keep the weekend open in case we needed to add the 2nd ring.  It turns out we did need her for 1 day so Ashley Anderson will be making the trek from WV to judge all Starters classes and Combined Pairs on Saturday!!  Thank you Ashley and Mike for your flexibility!!!

As it has been for the past few USDAA trials and all our UKI trials, trial documentation (premium, confirmation, running order) are all online.  Course maps for the following days classes will also be posted online at 11pm the night before.  Unfortunately unlike our UKI trials which utilizes online results, I haven’t gotten around to write a program to post USDAA results online so those will still be printed and placed in notebooks.  We are hoping our exhibitors will maintain social distancing while viewing results.  Online docs and courses can be found at https://k9trialservices.com/HOASpringUSDAA/

If you are coming to the trial, we will see you there and hope you have a great time!!