Registrations for the next session of Agile Kindergarten, Canine Manners and our newly created Tricky Pups II will open on March 31, 2021 at 8am.

Agile Kindergarten will be held on Tuesday nights at 8pm and is scheduled to begin on April 13th. AK is 8 weeks, has 2 instructors (Tina Fitzpatrick and Jen Lake) for lots of working time and is limited to 8 teams.

Canine manners will be held on Saturday mornings at 9A and will begin on April 24th.  Canine manners is 6 weeks long and is taught to Maureen Burke.  The class is limited to 7 working team.  There is no class on May 1st.

Tricky Pups II is newly created by Stacey Manzo for this session.  Tricky Pups II will be offered in the Saturday 10:30A time slot.  It is scheduled to begin on April 24th and run for 6 weeks.  It is limited to 6 teams.  No class scheduled on May 1st.

Registration links can be found on the registration links post.