Select students are allowed to rent our training facility for personal training time.  Up to 4 students can participate in a single rental.  Private instruction or group lessons are NOT allowed.  Rentals can be completed in 4 easy steps.  Please contact Dan directly if you have any questions or issues regarding the rental procedure.  

Step 1 (only required once) - Attend familiarization routine
Attend a 10 minute facility and equipment familiarization routine to learn how to move equipment, where the equipment is to be stored, how to operate lights, etc.  This must be given by Dan or Maureen and can occur before or after a normally scheduled class, seminar or private lesson.
Step 2 (only required once) - Execute rental agreement
Download and review the rental agreement, which explains rates and facility rules. Please sign and return this form to us via email (form can be electronically signed but must be downloaded and opened with adobe reader (or equivalent) to use this feature).  Once we receive the signed agreement, we will create a “client” account for you on the booking site.  Watch for the email to finish setting up your account (you will only need to create a password).  Return the form to Dan for processing and account creation.
Step 3 - Book a reservation
To book a reservation, use the widget below or visit our full booking website (you can view all your rental activity) @

Step 4 - Payment
Payment for the rental is due before or at the beginning of the rental appointment. Payment to High Octane Agility may be made by cash, check or Venmo.  
Check payments may be mailed to :
High Octane Agility 665 Whirlaway Drive Warminster, PA 18974 Please include rental details with payment to ensure proper credit.
Arena Mailbox

Cash or Check payments may be left in the mailbox at the arena:

All payments must be put in an envelope and marked with rental details to ensure proper credit.

Payments may be made via the Venmo app to:

Profile: @danburke8868

or scan the code: