aureen and I have decided that with the extension of the “stay at home” order for Bucks & Montgomery Counties until the beginning of June, we are officially cancelling our June 20-21 UKI trial. We would love nothing more than to be able to host this trial, but trying to work out the logistics to safely hold a trial at this point seems to be nearly impossible. Every aspect of the trial that we take for granted (parking, check in, crating, walk throughs, ring crewing, etc. etc. etc.) needs to be reevaluated and reconfigured to ensure the safety of our exhibitors. As much as it breaks our hearts to cancel this trial, we would feel even more terrible if even one person would get sick from attending our trial. Thank you to UK Agility International for working with clubs who can safely host trials at this time and to our judge Mike Murphy for being so accommodating and understanding. We are already trying to get him booked for a UKI trial in 2021 and crossing fingers he can judge USDAA for us in July.