High Octane Agility is located on the beautiful property of Autumn Breeze Acres in Doylestown, PA. ABA’s property is U-Shaped with two driveways. Both driveways will lead you to the arena, but we ask that you use the “lower” driveway as the “upper” driveway leads you past the owner’s house. Both driveways have an ABA sign at the end, but the lower driveway has the “High Octane Dog Agility” sign attached, along with 4627 on both the sign and sign post. Please be careful utilizing the driveway when entering or exiting the property as there are kids in the surrounding houses that use motorcycles and ATVs to zoom across the driveway. Also if you encounter another car on the driveway there are a few designated pull off areas to be used by the car EXITING the property.

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  1. Is it possible to put a couple of reflectors on the sign post? It’s a little difficult to see at night. Thanks

    1. I will talk to the landlords to see if we can get permission to add some reflectors on the post. Great idea

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