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High Octane Agility was started by Dan & Maureen Burke in February 2006.  Our current training facility is a spacious (160′ x 75′) indoor horse arena located in beautiful Bucks County Pennsylvania.  We offer group training classes Mon-Thurs evenings, private lessons by appointment and specialty seminars throughout the year.  We also host several agility trials for UKI and USDAA during the year at our facility and off-site.

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Arena Rental

Select students are allowed to rent our training facility for personal training time.  Up to 4 students can participate in a single rental.  Private instruction or group lessons are NOT allowed.  Rentals can be completed in 4 easy steps.  Please contact Dan directly if you have any questions or issues

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Private Lesson Booking

Please use the links below to schedule a private lesson with Dan or Maureen.   Dan offers private lessons on Tuesday mornings and early afternoons.  He also offers private lessons on select weekends throughout the year. Maureen offers lessons on select weekends during Spring, Fall and Winter.  During the summer she

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Registration Links

Below is the list of available classes, seminars and workshops currently open for registration to the public.  In addition you can find links to the registration forms to book appointments with Dr. Lauren Blackson.  Online registration for classes automatically close 1 week after the class has started, but you may

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June/July 2022 session

Registrations for the June/July 2022 session of our Monday, Wednesday and Thursday night classes will be opening on Monday at 8 PM. The registration forms can be accessed from the links page on our website: https://highoctaneagility.com/2020/11/06/registration-links/ Students in Monday’s early and late classes are both advancing to the next level.

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Level 1 – Intro to Nosework Class

We are thrilled to announce that our nosework classes are growing.  Beginning on May 24th we will be adding a new Level 1 – Intro to Nosework class taught Joyce Smuda along with our two Level 5 classes.  Our nosework classes are held on Tuesday evenings. Joyce is also going

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Spring 2022 USDAA Trial

We are excited to hold our annual 3 day Spring USDAA trial on April 29-May 1.  The premium and electronically fillable entry forms can be found at https://k9trialservices.com/HOASpringUSDAA/.  We will be offering 2 dog DAM team event on Friday, Steeplechase/PSJ on Saturday and Grand Prix/PGP on Sunday.  We are thrilled

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Summer USDAA Trial — July 10-11

The premium for our upcoming USDAA trial on July 10-11 is now available. The premium and entry form can be found on https://k9trialservices.com. This trial is being held at Orchard Hills Dog Training Center in Barto, PA. We are super excited that our judge, the ever friendly Leslie Bickel, has

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UKI June 2021

We are excited to announce that the premium for our upcoming UKI trial on June 19/20 is now available for download on https://k9trialservices.com/HOAJuneUKI.  Mike Murphy will be rejoining us to judge this trial so everyone needs to prepare for some fast, flowing and challenging courses. Mike loves to design his

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Spring USDAA Trial

We are gearing up to host our first USDAA trial since October 2019 this weekend.  Last October and earlier this month we hosted a 1 ring UKI trial.  Covid policy for those 2 trials were very strict with no indoor crating, no spectator chairs, counting people as the enter/exit the

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2022 UKI Trials

Where Doylestown, PA (unless noted)

Wed February 16, 2022 (night)
Thurs March 17, 2022 (night)
Sat/Sun April 9-10, 2022
Thurs April 21, 2022 (night)
Sat/Sun June 18-19, 2022
Wed September 21, 2022 (night)
Sat/Sun October 1-2, 2022 (Barto, PA)
Sat November 26, 2022

2022 USDAA Trials

Orchard Hills Training Center
45 Bella Vista Lane
Barto, PA 19504

Fri/Sat/Sun April 29 – May 1, 2022
Sat/Sun July 9-10, 2022
Sat/Sun October 22-23, 2022

2022 Seminars


High Octane Training Center

4627 Wismer Road
Doylestown, PA 18902

Who — When
Currently in planning state

Training Calendar



I joined High Octane with Agile Kindergarten in September 2018, with absolutely no knowledge of agility besides what I saw from a few YouTube videos. From the start, we received excellent, hands-on instruction from knowledgeable and friendly instructors. The classes are small and have a heavy emphasis on dog safety. Everyone is very welcoming and the atmosphere at classes and trials is very positive!

Clare Quinlan
August 18, 2020

I have trained 3 dogs under the guidance of the HOA trainers from puppy kindergarten to conditioning for Nationals.
I started out wanting to develop a fun activity for me and my dog, then we “got into” Agility.
In all levels the instructors keep it fun, interesting and challenging (especially for the handler-my coordination isn’t as good as I think it is!!) and the dogs always, always come first.

March 30, 2020

High Octane has provided a safe, and collaborative learning environment for my dog as well as myself. All the instructors are there to help you build a relationship with your dog, and make sure that each team is successful with their goals. I’ve brought my fearful mixed-breed dog there to help build a solid bond with my dog, and I’ve gained so much more than that. I’m very happy to take classes at High Octane, and can’t wait to progress further with my canine partner!

Jennifer Lake
September 7, 2020

Great people and fun courses

Andy Muller Profile Pic
Andy Mueller
October 6, 2019

When I partnered with a new pup, I knew he and I needed the patient and expert class experience that High Octane would provide. The classes are small and the instructors work with each dog and handler to make them a successful team. I love the training I and my boy receive, and I learn just as much from watching the instructor teach my classmates and their canine partners. Just amazing.

Suzanne O’Brien
December 15, 2019

High Octane Agility offers a very positive training experience for all aspects of training dogs for agility.
I enjoy there positive trial atmosphere, my dogs really enjoy trialing there. I’ve also been to seminars and training there which is top quality.

Kim Vanderwende Profile Pic
Kim Vanderwende
June 23, 2019


Beginner 1 Agility

This is the first step to building the teamwork between handler and dog.

Beginner 2 Agility

Next, your dog learns to do the equipment safely.

Foundation Skills

It’s time for the handler to learn some fundamental handling skills.

Foundations Sequencing

Utilizing the learned foundation skills, the handler and dog continue working longer sequences of obstacles.

Foundations Handling

Using the OneMind Dogs handling system, handlers learn to guide their dogs through short complex courses.


This class helps the agility team to gain the skills needed to run full courses seen at local agility trials.

Canine Conditioning

Canine Conditioning for Agility is a specialty class offered by High Octane on a limited basis.

Canine Manners

In this class the dog/handler team will introduce  canine manners used in everyday life including: loose leash walking, recalls, proper greeting, and passing through a door. 

Tricky Pups

Tricky Pups is a specialty class offered by High Octane on a limited basis.  This class is instructed by a certified trick dog evaluator

Canine Nosework

Canine Nosework is the fun search and scenting activity for virtually all dogs and people. This easy to learn activity and sport builds confidence and focus in many dogs, and provides a safe way to keep dogs fit and healthy through mental and physical exercise.

Team Members

Maureen Burke, CCFT
Lead Instructor/Owner
Dan Burke
Lead Instructor/Owner
Jan Emanuel
Lead Instructor
Janet Proetta
Lead Instructor
Tina Fitzpatrick
Lead Instructor
Jennifer Lake
Assistant Instructor

Our Dogs

Rival's Ready to Run
TBC's Rhyme Thyme
Eyespy's Kylie Roo
TBC's Hunting for Gold

Past Teammates

RedOak's Cork B. Quik
TC's Red October
RedOak's Bit of Beauty


     Where training and teamwork meet

Beginner 1

Beginner 1 is High Octane’s first level agility class. This class includes introduction to clicker training, hind end awareness, mat work, target training, impulse control, and tricks training.

Please note that agility obstacles are NOT introduced in this class.


Dogs must be potty trained
Dogs must be at least 6 months old
Basic obedience commands (Sit, Stay & Down)
Up to date on Distemper and Rabies vaccines
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     Where training and teamwork meet

Beginner 2 Agility

Beginner 2 is High Octane’s second level class. Agility obstacles are introduced during this class. Students are encouraged to continue to work on shaping behaviors with new obstacles, mat work, and start line stay. This level is mostly on leash, however, dogs are now being trusted to complete some obstacles without a leash (I.E. tunnel, jumps, etc).


Dog is consistently stepping on the Fitpaws target
Dog understands clicker based training and shaping
Handler has demonstrated ability to shape their dog
Dog demonstrates ability to stay for minimum of 5 seconds with their handler nearby
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     Where training and teamwork meet

Foundations Skills

This class focuses on introducing sequencing with jumps and tunnels while continuing to work on contact criteria. In addition, this class incorporates the OneMind Dogs system with regards to using the proper elements to cue your dog.


Dog/Handler demonstrate proper reward placement
Dog consistently can stay while handler leads out a minimum of 5 feet
Dog demonstrates understanding of release word
Dog is stopping in position at the end of the contact equipment
Dog shows ability to complete obstacles safely
Dog is completing all obstacles at a lower height
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     Where training and teamwork meet

Foundation Sequencing

This class focuses on practice using the handler’s knowledge of OneMind Dogs system on more challenging sequences. All equipment is used in sequences. Dogs must be weaving upright poles.


Handler demonstrates an understanding of OneMind Dogs elements
Dog can safely sequence 5-7 obstacles
Dog remains in stay position consistently until verbally released
Dog is performing weaves without wires and in sequence
Dog/Handler can demonstrate rear, front, and blind cross with proper form & function
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     Where training and teamwork meet

Foundation Handling

Using the OneMind Dogs system, students learn to set appropriate lines for their dog. This class teaches balancing your elements to give the right information for the drill. Challenges may include, but are not limited to: serpentines, discriminations, front/rear/blind cross, and the “back” and “out” commands.

Dogs must be working on all equipment except weaves.


Dog/Handler can demonstrate a Front Cross with proper form (cues) & function
Dog is consistently meeting contact criteria
Dog consistently stays while handler leads out past first obstacle
Handler demonstrates proper use of handling elements
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     Where training and teamwork meet

Advanced/Masters Handling

Advanced/Masters Handling challenges teams to run longer sequences and courses often seen in USDAA, AKC and UKI advanced/open level and higher. Foundation training with regards to weave entries and different jumping skills may be addressed as needed.


Based on recommendation & approval from Foundation Level instructor(s).
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     Where training and teamwork meet

Canine Conditioning

Canine Conditioning is a specialty class offered by High Octane on occasion. This class focuses on warm-up/warm-down routines, core strengthening and stretching exercises.


Dogs must be injury free (or have clearance from veterinarian)
Dogs must be 6 months of age to work with balance equipment
Dogs under 6 months may participate in exercises on the "flat'
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     Where training and teamwork meet

Canine Manners

This class will introduce advanced canine manners used in everyday life including: loose leash walking, recalls, proper greeting, and passing through a door. Clicker training continues to be encouraged.


Dog/Handler should be familiar with clicker training
Dogs and puppies must be 6 months or older
Dogs must be housebroken
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     Where training and teamwork meet

Tricky Pups

Our tricks class is instructed by Stacey Manzo, a certified trick dog evaluator. In this class Stacey will break complex tricks into smaller behaviors and then chain them together so you and your dog can be successful. We also work on performing tricks at a distance and other more advanced behaviors.


Dog/Handler demonstrate understanding of clicker training
Dog/Handler demonstrate proper reward placement
Dog/Handler demonstrate understanding of shaping behaviors
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     Where training and teamwork meet

Canine Nosework

Canine Nosework is the fun search and scenting activity for virtually all dogs and people. This easy to learn activity and sport builds confidence and focus in many dogs, and provides a safe way to keep dogs fit and healthy through mental and physical exercise. This class is instructed by a Certified Nosework Instructor and judge.


Dog/Handler should be familiar with clicker training
Dogs and puppies must be 6 months or older
Dogs must be housebroken
Contact Us For More Information

Maureen Burke, CCFT

Lead Instructor/Owner

Maureen Burke is a teacher by trade and presently teaches sophomore and senior English at Girard College. With summers off from her teaching job, Maureen spends her days at High Octane instructing group classes and offering private lessons.
As one of the founders and owners of High Octane Agility in Doylestown, Pa., Maureen brings 20 years of experience training dogs. Maureen currently instructs weekly and offers private instruction when her schedule permits.
Her first dog, Corky, was a mix breed who introduced Maureen to dog training. Corky was titled in NADAC, USDAA and AKC and was CGC and TDI certified.
Maureen’s next dog, Isis, earned her ADCH in USDAA and NATCH4 in NADAC. Maureen and Isis attended their first USDAA nationals together in October, 2011.
ADCH Rhyme, Maureen’s competition dog, is competing at the USDAA Masters and AKC Excellent levels. Rhyme introduced Maureen to the wonderful worlds of: shaping, impulse control, and fitness. Maureen and Rhyme attended their second Cynosport World Games and placed 31 of over 200 teams with their team “Supa Heroes”.
In December 2016, Maureen earned her FitPAWS Master Trainer certification! In August 2017, she became a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer from the University of Tennessee and the College of Veterinary Medicine.  In the past four years, Maureen and Rhyme have been experiencing the wonderful world of fitness! Fitness has helped improve Rhyme’s jumping, balance, coordination, and relationship with Maureen. Maureen helps other teams find success with fitness equipment by teaching seminars using the FitPAWS equipment. In addition, High Octane is now a FitPaws dealer.
Steel is Maureen’s two year old Border Collie puppy. Together, Steel and Maureen are beginning their training in: agility, manners, and fitness. Steel will begin competing in agility in 2017.
Maureen also works with dogs who can be fearful and she offers instruction which includes a strong foundation in Leslie McDevitt’s Control Unleashed book and teachings. Another interest of Maureen’s is teaching distance work for agility. Maureen believes in positive motivation and reward based instruction.
As a handler, Maureen trains on a regular basis with Perry DeWitt, Mary Ellen Barry and Jessica Ajoux. Maureen continues to educate herself through online classes with Bobbie Lyons (Fitness) and by attending seminars and camps.
Maureen is available for seminars and lessons off site in both agility and fitness.

Dan Burke

Lead Instructor/Owner
Dan Burke works full-time as an electronics engineer with Invent Worx in Delran, NJ.
As a founder and co-owner of High Octane, Dan brings 20 years of experience training dogs with him. He instructs all levels of agility, but his expertise is with teaching advanced and master levels. Dan has a special experience with teaching the skills of the USDAA game, Snooker.
Dan started training in agility in 2000 with his first dog ADCH NATCH5 Boomer, a Border Collie with only one speed, FAST!  Boomer and Dan quickly fell in love with agility  Due to Boomer’s athleticism and “bidability”, he and Dan started to excel in this extreme sport.  Boomer’s favorite venue was NADAC with their fast and flowing courses often times he could leave Dan handling from behind.  Boomer taught Dan to be timely with his cues and to run in the right direction.  Boomer and Dan placed in NADACs Top 10 Awards several times throughout Boomer’s career.
In an effort to prove that their success wasn’t all Boomer, Dan decided he wanted his next Border Collie to be “over the top”.  That is exactly what he got with ADCH-B LAA-B Rival’s Ready to Run.  “Simmer” is a lot of dog in a little red package.  Together, Dan and Simmer earned numerous titles with Simmer ranking 3rd – 22” Nationally in USDAA Tournaments in 2015.  Simmer and Dan attended the 2013 and 2015 Cynosport World Games (USDAA Nationals event) and in 2015 they made finals in both Steeplechase and Grand Prix! In Steeplechase, Simmer and Dan earned a 6th place finish.  Simmer is now retired and enjoys fitness, long walks, and playing ball in the yard.
Dan’s current competition dog is Eyespy’s Kylie Roo who was born in 2013. Kylie is athletic, sleek and quick. Kylie and Dan have been using the OneMind Dogs system and are becoming a competitive team. Dan & Kylie made their National competition debut at the 2017 Cynosport World Games where a slight handler error caused a knocked bar keeping them from the final round.  In 2017, 2018 and 2019 they made the trek to Jacksonville, FL for the UKI US Open.  2017 was a learning experience on the wide open international style courses.  Returning in 2018 with a better understanding of the courses, they made the UKI Nationals Finals and the Speedstakes Finals.  Not wanting to out-due her sister, Simmer in her first National finals, Kylie achieved a 6th place finish in the highly competitive 20″ Speedstakes class.  At the 2019 US Open, Dan and Kylie made the Biathlon Finals but a dropped bar prevented them from a Top 10 finish. 
Dan’s next challenge is his 4th Border Collie, TBC’s Hunting for Gold.  “Pirate” was born in April 2019.  Dan and Pirate are enjoying learning to shape behaviors and tricks.  They have been attending classes to learn basic handling techniques on the “flat” and over low jumps.  To date Pirate appears to be a combination of all 3 previous dogs.  He is fast and athletic with a little bit of attitude.  Dan is looking forward to successful career with Pirate.
Dan attends classes and lessons with Jessica Ajoux, Mary Ellen Barry, and Jen Pinder. He also attends camps and seminars each year to continue furthering his education in the sport of agility. Dan is educated on both Linda Mecklenburg’s Awesome Paws Handling System and OneMind Dogs training program.
As an instructor, Dan has a gift of timing with his students. He can explain how or why a dog responded as they did to a late or inconsistent cue. With Kylie, Dan is consistent with his own handling, which is the best example of all!
Dan also co-chairs High Octane’s USDAA and UKI trials.
Dan is also available for lessons and seminars off site.

Jan Emanuel

Lead Instructor
Jan is a molecular biologist by training and works in pharmaceutical drug development. She started agility training with her Australian Shepherd, Addie, as a way to channel Addie’s endless energy and very active mind. Jan and Addie competed and titled in ASCA, NADAC, and AKC. Addie taught Jan the need for a strong foundation and the importance of maintaining consistent criteria, lessons she incorporates in instruction of the HOA Foundation Skills class.
Currently Jan is competing with her young Aussie, Pi. Pi, like Addie, is very exuberant and Jan has learned many impulse control games to play with her boy.
Jan is very good with criteria and we are lucky to have her as an instructor. She continues to build her training bag with agility camps, seminars and workshops with instructors like: Mary Ellen Barry, Jen Pinder and Rachel Sanders.

Janet Proetta

Lead Instructor
Janet began training with High Octane Agility in 2014. She has three Vizslas and does conformation, rally, agility, obedience, and tracking with her dogs. She has begun competing in UKI and USDAA.
Vizslas are soft dogs that require patience and consistency in their training.As a result, Janet has experience training dogs that require extra time and support to become comfortable with all agility equipment. Most recently, Janet has been welcomed as a Beginner instructor!
When Janet is not training (or playing with) her dogs, she enjoys running, gardening, and playing the piano.

Tina Fitzpatrick

Lead Instructor
Tina started doing agility when she realized her Welsh Terrier, Caru, needed an outlet for her nonstop energy. She was out for a drive and stopped at a trial to see what it was about and she was hooked. She started training at HOA in 2012.
Caru has been a very willing and fun teammate and Tina credits agility for enabling them to build a deep connection.
Tina started instructing at the Beginner’s level and has recently decided to try her hand with instructing Agile Kindergarten. She really enjoys watching teams master new skills and is fascinated by the role of play and fun in training.
In her spare time, she also enjoys sailing, hiking and almost anything outdoors.

Jennifer Lake

Assistant Instructor
Jennifer Lake is a Mechanical Engineer by trade and currently works in the manufacturing industry as a New Product Development Engineer.
Jennifer grew up in a household fostering English Springer Spaniels.  She enjoyed working with all the dogs to prepare them for their final home.
Jennifer began training with High Octane Agility in 2018.  She thought it would be the perfect outlet and a good way to build a relationship with her fearful dog, Iris.  Iris introduced Jennifer to the world of positive reinforcement techniques which has helped Iris overcome a lot of obstacles.
When Jennifer is not training, she enjoys hiking and off-roading her Jeep.

ADCH-B Rival's Ready to Run


Simmer came from Rival Kennels in Canada. At 8 weeks old, she hopped a plane to Philadelphia. Simmer was picked because she was the “Pistol” of the litter. It didn’t take long for her to tell our other dogs who the boss would be. We would soon learn that this cute little red dog would give her ALL in everything from ball to agility. 
In August of 2007, Dan and Maureen married. They planned their honeymoon around having their dogs with them. They went to The Lazy Dog Inn in Chocorua, NH. They spent a few days hiking with the dogs in the White Mountains. The dogs enjoyed swimming in the mountain ponds along the trails.
Simmer started her agility trialing in January 2008, earning her first title (NADAC’s Novice Tunnelers) that first weekend. Although fast and energetic, Simmer struggled with keeping her focus through an entire course.
On May 7, 2011 at the Touch and Go Agility Club’s trial, Simmer earned her ADCH (USDAA’s Championship Title). Simmer retired from NADAC agility in early 2014 only a few “legs” away from her NATCH (NADAC’s Championship title).
In October 2011, Dan and Simmer attended their first USDAA Nationals in Louisville, KY. Simmer competed well and finished in the top 20 in several classes in the very competitive 22″ jump class (over 200 competitors).
In the following years, Dan and Simmer continued to gel as a team working on a regular basis with Mary Ellen Barry and attending seminars, camps and workshops from various National and International competitors.
They attended two more Cynosport World Games (2013, 2015) in TN.  In her final appearance at a National event, Simmer did her Dad proud by making finals in both Performance Grand Prix and Performance Speed Jumping, earning a sixth place finish in PSJ.
In her retirement years, Simmer enjoys ruling the house and keeping the youngsters in line.  She loves doing fitness exercises with Maureen, going for walks, and playing ball in “her” backyard.

ADCH TBC's Rhyme Thyme


Rhyme came from Thompson’s Border Collies in Virginia. His pedigree boasts strong working lines. Rhyme was one of six puppies born to Emmy and we met him when he was only 4 weeks old. At 7 1/2 weeks, Karen Thompson let us bring him home.
Rhyme and Simmer became instant buddies with Rhyme mimicking Simmer’s every move. While Rhyme was a puppy, Simmer taught him to tug, fetch, wrestle and how to perform the delicate procedure of a “squeakyectomy” (de-squeak a stuffed toy, for those of you how don’t have surgeon dogs).
Training Rhyme introduced Maureen to the world of
shaping. Rhyme loves to learn, offers behaviors easily, and is patient with Maureen’s timing.
Rhyme made his agility debut in late 2009 at the NADAC Toys for Tots fundraising trial in North Carolina.  Since then, Maureen and Rhyme have racked up numerous agility titles culminating in earning Rhyme’s ADCH (USDAA’s Agility Dog Champion) title at High Octane’s home trial on May 3, 2015.
Rhyme has a tendency to react to other dogs coming into his space which led him and Maureen to Leslie McDevitt.  Working with Leslie provided Maureen and Rhyme with the tools needed to navigate without incident the tight quarters around the agility ring entrances and exits.
As Rhyme’s agility career begins to wind down, he has once again introduced Maureen to a new world of training…..Fitness.  As a star dog at shaping, Rhyme allows Maureen to work on and perfect advanced fitness techniques utilizing the FitPAWS® equipment.

IAC2 IWAC2 Eyespy's Kylie Roo


Kylie was born in January 2013 at Eyespy Border Collies in Connecticut.  Kylie’s mom is Hattie, a well-bred sheep dog who we first met in 2007 when we were meeting Rhyme’s mom!  We watched and waited and when the timing was right we brought home a new baby girl.
Kylie is a very busy girl and when we call her, she races through the house and over or under the other dogs to make sure she gets to the door first! She gets along well with the pack and can often be found hoarding all the toys in a corner of the room that she has claimed as hers.
Kylie began her agility debut in mid-2014. 
She and Dan compete in both UKI and USDAA.  Kylie attended her first Cynosport World Games in 2015 but only as a spectator to cheer on her brother and sister and to participate in Dock Diving, a sport she seems to love.
In 2017, she not only returned to TN for participation in her first USDAA’s Cynosport World Games but also headed to FL a few weeks later for UKI’s US Open.  While Kylie didn’t make any final rounds in those two National events, she did show she could handle the pressure of the big stage.
At the Y2K9’s UKI trial in August 2018, Kylie earned her IAC and IWAC (UKI’s International Agility Champion and International Win Agility Champion) titles.  Later in that year, she returned to the US Open ready to play.  She earned a spot in both the UKI National Final and the Speedstakes finals where she earned a sixth place finish.
Kylie and Dan continue to work to improve their teamwork to prepare them for future national events.

TBC's Hunting for Gold


Pirate is the latest addition to the High Octane crew.  His Dam was imported from Wales by Karen Thompson of Thompson Border Collies.  Pirate was born in a litter of 10 pups on April 28, 2019.
At 8 months old Pirate is approximately 33 lbs and just over 20″ tall.  Pirate has been learning to shape behaviors for his future in agility.