ADCH Rival’s Ready to Run “Simmer”

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Simmer came from Rival Kennels in Canada. At 8 weeks old, she hopped a plane to Philadelphia. Simmer was picked because she was the “Pistol” of the litter. It didn’t take long for her to tell our other dogs who the boss would be. We would soon learn that this cute little red dog would give her ALL in everything from ball to agility.In August of 2007, Dan and Maureen married. They planned their honeymoon around having their dogs with them. They went to The Lazy Dog Inn in Chocorua, NH. They spent a few days hiking with the dogs in the White Mountains. The dogs enjoyed swimming in the mountain ponds along the trails.

Simmer started her agility trialing in January 2008, earning her first title (NADAC’s Novice Tunnelers) that first weekend. Although fast and energetic, Simmer struggled with keeping her focus through an entire course.

On May 7, 2011 at the Touch and Go Agility Club’s trial, Simmer earned her ADCH (USDAA’s Championship Title). As of February 2012, Simmer is a few “legs” away from her NATCH (NADAC’s Championship title).

In October 2011, Dan and Simmer attended their first USDAA Nationals in Louisville, KY. Simmer competed well and finished in the top 20 in several classes in the very competitive 22″ jump class (over 200 competitors).