ADCH TBC’s Rhyme Thyme “Rhyme”

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Rhyme came from Thompson’s Border Collies in Virginia. His pedigree boasts strong working lines. Rhyme was one of six puppies born to Emmy and we met him when he was only 4 weeks old. At 7 1/2 weeks, Karen Thompson let us bring him home. Rhyme is also Maureen’s first puppy to train.Rhyme and Simmer became instant buddies with Rhyme mimicking Simmer’s every move. To date she has taught him to tug, fetch, wrestle and how to perform the delicate procedure of a “squeakyectomy” (de-squeak a stuffed toy, for those of you how don’t have surgeon dogs).

Rhyme has introduced Maureen to the world of shaping. Rhyme loves to learn and is patient with Maureen’s timing. In Rhyme’s free time he can be found with a ball in his mouth.