Stacey Manzo


Stacey Manzo started training agility with her first Australian Shepherd rescue in 2001. She’s been instructing agility classes since 2005 and in the Spring of 2007, she became an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator and began giving classes and administering the CGC test in the Summer of 2007.

In May 2011, Stacey rescued her second Aussie, Diesel, who couldn’t be more different from her first four-legged friend and is teaching her a new world of training techniques.

During the summer of 2012, Stacey became a Certified Trick Dog Instructor. By the time January 2013 rolled around, Diesel had mastered enough tricks to earn his Champion Trick Dog Title making him one of about 60 in the country at the time.

Stacey has attended several seminars given by world renowned trainers, Bob Bailey, Parvene Farhoody, Kathy Sdao and Nicole Wilde to name just a few. During the Summer of 2013, Stacey attended a 5 day intensive Chicken Workshop where she trained two chickens to perform specific tasks.

In addition to agility, Stacey and Diesel fill their time with Rally Obedience, Tracking, K9 Nosework, Tricks Titles and Canine Freestyle and are always on the lookout to try new dog sports. Stacey believes that agility training is 90% relationship with your dog and 10% actual training which is why she focuses on building bonds between handlers and their dogs. Clicker training, positive reinforcement and teaching tricks are the only methods she uses and she has developed some creative solutions to common and not so common problems dogs owners may experience.

When Stacey isn’t working, she enjoys running, hiking and just being active. Stacey and Diesel live with Stacey’s husband Matt who is Diesel’s afternoon running partner.

Stacey is High Octane’s first level instructor who will introduce you to the tools you will use for your agility career with us. She instills her knowledge of trick training, behavior modification and shaping skills to give our new handlers the capabilities to be successful in our program.