Maureen Burke

Maureen Burke is a teacher by trade and presently teaches sophomore and senior English at Girard College. With summers off from her teaching job, Maureen spends her days at High Octane instructing group classes and offering private lessons.
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Dan Burke

As a founder and owner of High Octane, Dan brings 12 years of experience training dogs with him. He instructs all levels of agility, but his expertise is with teaching advanced and master levels. Dan has a special experience with teaching the skills of the USDAA game, Snookers.
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Sue Cannon

Sue Cannon has been training agility with her dogs since 1998. She started with her dog Chase, a Yellow Labrador who had boundless energy. Her second dog Gauge, has earned NATCH4 and closing in on his ADCH. Sue's baby dog Smoke is just starting his agility career by attending a Pre-sports Puppy class to ready him for Agile Kindergarten. Sue has embraced the clicker system and works diligently to master the timing!
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Jan Emanuel

Jan is a molecular biologist by training and works in pharmaceutical drug development. She started agility training with her Australian Shepherd, Addie, as a way to channel Addie’s endless energy and very active mind. Jan and Addie competed and titled in ASCA, NADAC, and AKC. Addie taught Jan the need for a strong foundation and the importance of maintaining consistent criteria, lessons she incorporates in instruction of the HOA Foundation Skills class.
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Sharon Carey

Sharon started her agility training in 2003 as a way to have fun with her Rat Terrier, Rocky and to provide an outlet for his boundless energy. She started to compete in 2004. Currently she competes at the Elite level of NADAC and most recentely began to compete in USDAA.
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Janet Proetta

Janet began training with High Octane Agility four years ago. She has three Vizslas and does conformation, rally, agility, obedience, and tracking with her dogs. One of her younger dogs is getting ready to compete in the agility ring. Read More!

Tina Fitzpatrick

Tina started doing agility when she realized her Welsh Terrier, Caru, needed an outlet for her nonstop energy. She was out for a drive and stopped at a trial to see what it was about and she was hooked. She started training at HOA in 2012. Caru has been a very willing and fun teammate and Tina credits agility for enabling them to build a deep connection. Read More!

Kamrin Cierpiszewski

Kamrin started training agility in 2010 to build confidence and strengthen her relationship with her fearful, epileptic border collie, Katy. Kamrin and Katy competed and titled in NADAC where Katy is close to her NATCH. At almost 8yrs old, Katy is semi-retired from agility after finding her true passion in K9 Nosework where she has earned the NW3 title. Read More!

Perry DeWitt

As a full time certified professional dog trainer, Perry DeWitt brings a special knowledge of dog behavior, training, and learning theory to her agility training and teaching. Although she has been training dogs nearly her whole life and professionally since 2008, Perry became more involved in agility in 2010 when she got her Border Collie-Goose. Since then, she has immersed herself in learning everything she can about the sport. Read More!